14 Day Rational Fasting Challenge

I've been looking to shake things up after moving to One Meal A Day (OMAD) a few weeks ago.

It was a fairly easy transition to OMAD after a few days of adjustment.

My goal is to lose about 10 pounds of body fat to get back into the composition I prefer which is roughly 10% or 9% body fat.

I stumbled across Elliot Hulse's 14 Day Rational Fasting Challenge which I found compelling.

Benefits include strengthening my immune system, causing weak cells to die off triggering renewal across my body (autophagy) and fat loss.

The core concept here is ketosis. Having the body burn fat for fuel.

I've done traditional keto in years past. It was "junk food" keto that included lots of pork rinds and bacon.

I don't eat red meat anymore so that sort of garbage is off the table. The other observation I'd make about keto in my past is that it takes over a week to get into ketosis which prolongs the discomfort of the transition.

This plan uses a 3 day fast to plunge the body into ketosis which shortens the discomfort phase.

My next meal is Wednesday evening.

I'm weighing in each day. I'll calculate a five day moving average for my weight.

I'll keep you guys up-to-date each day with my observations on this experience.

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