14 Day Rational Fasting Challenge: Day Two

Day two was definitely a bit tougher. It was too bad until later in the afternoon.

It wasn't really hunger that bothered me.

It was very like discomfort from what I believe are detox symptoms.

I broke the fast after about 50 hours later around 9pm.

While didn't make it 72 hours, I'm pretty proud of 50 hours.

So what did I learn?

I can fast longer than I thought. A lot longer. 50 hours is longer than I think I've ever fasted in my life.

I'm going to shoot for another two day fast but plan on breaking it with a keto meal to keep my progress into ketosis on track.

So no food today, and a keto meal tomorrow night.

I feel lighter, less inflamed and somehow more compact. It's hard to explain. I think it's mostly inflammation that's reduced.

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