8 weeks with Kinobody Greek God

It's been eight weeks since I've started lifting weights using Greg O'Gallagher's Kinobody Greek God program.

In eight weeks, I've gotten so much stronger it's shocking to me.

Four days a week, 1 hour workouts are not disruptive to my lifestyle.

I have a one week layoff coming to have a vasectomy performed. When I return, I'll move to Phase 2 which is a different set of lifts to shake things up.

The best part of the program is the process of raising the weights 2.5% each time I work out.

I make constant, steady progress. It's incredible. I feel so confident knowing I'm doing what needs to be done to get stronger and bulkier.

All I have to do is keep working out. Keep doing the program and the results just pile up.

I can see the results in the mirror.

Give it a shot if you need a program.

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