Vasectomy experience

I had assumed that vasectomy would likely cost a few thousand dollars out of my pocket.

In reality, it cost $599 dollars. My insurance would have covered it if I had met my deductible.

I made the appointment over the phone. I was emailed paperwork that I filled out and brought me with to the appointment.

It was a single visit process. I stopped taking NSAIDs one week prior to the surgery as directed. I shaved a small patch on the front of my scrotum.

I bought four small ice packs the day before and deposited them in my freezer.

The day of, I Uber'd to the doctors office and got checked in. After a short wait, I was ushered back to the treatment room.

The procedure was described. A small, 5mm incision would be made using a tiny laser. The treatment site would be deadened using lidocaine blown in using pressure. No needle.

The whole process would take about 15 minutes.

I was prepped for surgery with a thorough scrubbing and shaving touchup.

The doc came in and got started. I spoke to him the entire time. I couldn't see the treatment area. I didn't feel a thing other than a couple of very gentle snaps against the skin for the first few doses of lidocaine.

The whole thing was very nearly painless and very simple.

I was in and out in less than one hour.

I Uber'd home and iced the treatment site in 30 minute cycles for the first 24 hours. I stayed off my feet and spent time catching up on Game of Thrones and reading.

If you're thinking about doing it but worried about the particulars of the procedure, don't let that stop you.

It's been about a week and I'm nearly fully recovered.

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